Project Walk Gives People with Spinal Cord Injuries Hope

Project Walk

Wheelchair Entrepreneur Kendall Hall has opened a spinal cord rehabilitation center called Project Walk, located in Dallas, TX. The center focuses on a spinal-cord-workout program, which supporters say goes beyond traditional therapy.

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Overcoming spinal cord injuries can be very challenging. Hall knows firsthand how hard the road of recovery can be. Like Project Walk's clients, she too has a spinal cord injury and actively participates in the workout program. She believes the therapy offered at Project Walk brings feelings of strength, joy, and confidence.

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She says, "I don't think anyone can really understand spinal cord injuries until someone in your family has it. You can hear about it, you can see someone go by in a wheelchair, but really you can't know it until you live it."

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About the rehabilitation program, Hall says, "We take a full body approach, and we get you out of your wheelchair, and we do work on the areas where you have function, but we also focus a lot on the areas where you don't have function."

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The program is not covered by insurance. In order to receive therapy, clients must either raise money or pay their own way. Samantha Horn, a client at Project Walk, says the money has been worth it. She says, "It gives you the hope to stand and hope to walk and just the confidence, I've said it many times, the confidence, the independence..." Horn's spinal cord injury was a result of a diving incident; before her injury she enjoyed playing sports such as soccer. She hopes she will be able to stand on her own one day.

Critics of Project Walk worry that the program might give people with spinal cord injuries false hopes of walking again. The women at the rehabilitation center say, "Hope is never a bad thing."

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Project Walk Gives People with Spinal Cord Injuries Hope
Dallas, Texas, Wheelchair Entrepreneur Kendall Hall opens a spinal cord rehabilitation center called Project Walk. "We take a full body approach, and we get you out of your wheelchair..." read more...
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