EZ Lock Automatic Wheelchair Dock

EZ Lock

No matter if you are the driver or passenger in the vehicle, your wheelchair can be secured safely and easily with the EZ Lock system. Since 1986, wheelchair drivers and passengers have trusted this wheelchair tie down system to lock their chair in place while going down the road.

The EZ Lock docking base is installed onto the floor of the wheelchair van and guides the wheelchair into position with minimal difficulty. After the wheelchair is positioned and locked into place, EZ lock uses state of the art electronics to monitor the position and status of the base. Even with this system, the wheelchair passenger or driver must still use the vehicle mounted seatbelts for complete wheelchair occupant safety.

Just as easily as the wheelchair was secured, once you arrive at your destination with a simple push of a button the chair is released. A manual release is also provided in case of a power failure.

Installation includes base and wheelchair bracket. EZ Lock can be installed starting at $585.00 to $1,390.00

EZ Lock base only $1,390.00
EZ Lock power chair bracket $585.00
EZ Lock manual chair bracket $585.00
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